Although this website is primarily tailored to utah evictions, our law firm offers a wide variety of legal services to landlords. Most of these services are provided at no cost to our clients. Here is a list of services we provide at no cost to those who use us to handle their evictions:

  • Free Lease Review
  • Free Legal Advise
  • Free ADA Compliance Suggestions
  • Free Lease Forms
  • Free Eviction Forms

Additionally, we provide a wide array of legal services at hourly rates. We can handle all of your real estate litigation needs such as actions to quiet title, bankruptcy, construction defect, collections and more. We offer flexible pricing including both hourly rates and contingency fees. Typically, the hourly rate on any matter is $200.00 per hour.

Because of our focus on real estate matters, we have many legal resources at our fingertips that most law firms don’t have. For example, we have a title company in our office. This allows us to access property abstracts, record deeds and more in a matter of minutes.

If you need a real estate lawyer in Utah, you have come to the right place. Give us a call and ask for our attorney Brad Carr. We recognize that acquiring new clients in our business can be very expensive. We make sure we will earn your business so that you will always consider the Law Offices of James H. Woodall, PLLC when you need legal assistance.