We understand that businesses thrive in a more predictable environment. To that end, we provide our clients with a clear understanding of what the eviction will cost before we even get started. This empowers our clients to make better decisions regarding when to evict a deadbeat tenant. (Call or Contact Us, if you have multiple evictions you may qualify for a discounted rate)

Eviction Price

Simply Flat Attorney Fee
$450 /Per Eviction

  • In most cases filed same day*
  • If  contested, $225 flat fee**
  • No hourly attorney fees

Associated Pricing and Third Party Fees

Below are a list of potential costs associated with an eviction. Costs are expenses that you pay to third parties:

Court Filing Fee $75.00 (damages $2,000 or less)
$185.00 (damages $2,001 to $9,999)
$360.00 (damages $10,000 or more)
Attorney Court Appearance Fee** $225/flat fee per court appearance.
Process Server Fee*** $35.00 per tenant per service
Constable Lockout Fee $110.00 (may vary in remote counties)
Bankruptcy Filing Fee $181.00 (only if tenant is in bankruptcy)

* Same day filings happen if eviction is ordered by 2pm on regular business hours. Excluding holidays and weekends.

** Per court appearance. If an appearance is required an additional attorney fee will be charged per court appearance.  Appearances are required when the tenant files an answer, responding to your complaint. There are no hourly fees. That means you can calculate the exact cost from start to finish.

***Many of our clients use a friend to serve the papers. This is permissible and saves you the expense.

Do you have to pay a filing fee?

Yes, this is a fee based on the damages being claimed and is set by Utah courts. You will have to pay the court filing fee in every case unless the tenant vacates before you file a complaint for eviction.

Do you offer to serve Pay or Vacate papers?

The process server fees can be saved if you are able to have a friend serve the papers at no charge. Anyone other than the plaintiff who is over 18 and not a felon can serve the papers. That means if you are just the property manager and not the owner of the property, you can serve the papers.

How often do you need constable help?

In many cases, the tenant vacates before the constable has to perform a lockout. Approximately half of evictions require the constable’s assistance.

What if a tenant has filed bankruptcy?

If your tenant is in bankruptcy, you will need to get relief from the automatic stay before you can proceed with the eviction. This process is relatively quick but the bankruptcy court charges a filing fee of $181.00.

I have more questions what can I do?

If you have more questions regarding the cost of an eviction in Utah, give us a call and speak with one of our Utah Eviction Lawyers. Or simply fill out the form below and we’ll call or email you back as soon as possible.

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