Can I terminate my lease early as a landlord?

Break Lease UtahA lease agreement is nothing more than a contract. The owner of the property offers the give his or her right of possesion to the tenant in exchange for money. For many reasons, as  a landlord you may want to get your tenant out, even though the tenant is still current on rent. For example, maybe the property was you home and you want to move back into the home. This is more common than you might think. A home owner gets a job in another city, gets married, or has some other life-changing event that does not work out. Now, you want to move back into your old home.

First of all, if you are concerned about renting your residence for this reason, the answer is simple: do a month-to-month lease rather than a year lease. When you are ready to move back, all you need to do is give the renter 15 days’ notice before the end of the rental period that you will not be renewing the lease the following month. This is a no cause notice to vacate.

If you already have a lease agreement, then you may be in trouble. A lease is intended to protect the rights of the landlord and the tenant. If the tenant complies with the terms of the lease, then there is nothing you can do to force the tenant to leave before the lease expires. You are generally best off discussing possible alternatives with a tenant. One such alternative is to allow the tenant time to find a new place. If the tenant does not agree, and he or she is current on rent, then my advice is to avoid creating problems that may result in financial liability.

As the lease term draws to a close, make sure that you post a no cause notice to vacate at least 15 days prior to expiration of the lease. Otherwise, the tenant may try to holdover causing you an additional delay. If the tenant refuses to vacate after you post a notice, you can start an eviction.

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